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Main uses of glyoxal

Issuing time:2022-08-12 10:07

In medicine, it is mainly used for special cycloimidazole drugs, such as metronidazole, dimethylnidazole, imidazole, etc; In the aspect of intermediates, it is mainly used as glyoxylic acid, D-p-   hydroxyphenylglycine, allantoin, phenylenzymopharynx, berberine, etc; In light textile, it is mainly used as garment finishing agent, 2D resin, M2D resin, etc; In the paper industry, it is mainly used as sizing agent to increase the moisture resistance of paper; It is a very effective cross-linking factor in polymer chemistry, as a cross-linking agent; In the construction industry, it is used as the curing agent of cement to improve the setting strength and to control landslides. It can prevent soil loss and prevent landslides.


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